Shadows and Glass

(version for cello and piano)

cello and piano (2004-2006)

Duration: ca. 10 minutes

Shadows and Glass was originally written in 2003 for trombone and piano and premiered in this version for cello and piano in 2006.  Since 1993, I have written several pieces where the music for the players is strictly notated, but the parts for each player are not coordinated in a traditional sense.  The players are asked to play independently, with the option of coordinating their parts from time to time, as they see fit.  A certain amount of indeterminacy can result in the performance, but, as the music is strictly notated, the resulting music is always similar, although always slightly different.  In addition, the piano’s part in Shadows and Glass is an exact pitch and rhythmic mirror structure, mirroring itself exactly from the middle of the work.