Dream Waltz

for solo piano (1988)

Duration: ca 8 minutes

Dream Waltz for solo piano was composed in 1988. In this score, as in a number of my recent works,  musical material which is fairly distinctive in character and can  therefore be easily identified by the listener,  reappears  in a number of places throughout  the course  of the piece. Often when the  material reappears, it is in some way slightly but noticeably transformed , or only a small fragment of the previous music may only be briefly  heard again.   The title of the work refers to the way in which images in a dream may reoccur in a similar way,  either during  the course of a single dream or in dreams reoccurring on a number of different occasions.  Another feature of this music is the use of ostinato - like passages of repeated musical ideas ,which also may gradually change or be slightly modified.  The  "Waltz"  in the title refers to the predominant 3/4 metre of the piece and also alludes to the city of Vienna, famous for its waltzes and the study of the dream world.

Dream Waltz was given its American premiere by Anthony De Mare and its European premiere by Barbara Pritchard.